Let's Play D'Arts!

We had an absolutely amazing event in our Bucharest Office in December! As it took a lot of hard work and we were very lucky to have a crowd of wonderful people involved in making it happen, it’s time to thank all those who made it possible and to have a look at the results.

We would, first of all, like to thank the artists who participated with their artwork. They amazed all of the visitors with the sheer diversity and beauty of the items put on display throughout the expo and this event could not have happened without them.

They are:

Dragos Stan, Claudiu Dumitru, Mihai Sandulescu, Danylo Sekunda (Sekunda Production), Catalin Braha, Claudiu Dumitras (, Monica Bica, Mihai Solovastru (Mihai Solovastru Photography), Ana Raluca Luca, Iris Barbulescu, Tim Walls, Andra Dorneanu, Ekin Karaeke, Andreea Calin, Gabriel Ceausescu, Marian Buhnici, Alexandra Ion, Dan Ioan Milu (Milu Cafe), Alexandra Nicolae, Raluca Gavrila (Fir de ata), Sinziana Petca, Tanya Kozlova, Iryna Gvozd, Mina Bolinu, Yuriy Paslavskyi, Olena Koshman, Olha Yaroslavska, Liudmyla Hapachylo, Taras Kloba, Iryna Druts, Anastasiia Terletska, Iuliia Gnydiuk, Oksana Duliba, Natalya Anisimova, Steliana Curelea, Violeta Vasile, Roxana Utica, Aliona Drab, Maria Rotariu, Mihaela Ion.

We also want to thank to all of whom have involved in organizing the event, who worked tirelessly to prepare the location, the artwork, the invitations and all the other logistics that we tend to take for granted. A special thanks go to:

Danylo and Lyudmila Sekunda, Bucharest HR department, Andra Dorneanu, Gabriel Ceausescu, Paul Dragan, Malte Hegeler, Mihai Solovastru, Alina Alexandru and Dragos Moldoveanu.

The actual results of this event are quite incredible.  With these funds, we will help the education of all the children at kids.acadEMy and give them opportunities to grow and experience new things.

Have a look behind the scenes of this wonderful event:

First Lego League

The year 2018 marked the first international event our team attended. We were invited to participate in the First Lego League Moldova and we also participated in the First Lego League Romania were we won an award for Best Implication. Our kids.acadEMy robotics team 🙂 ,also participated in the first edition of the First Lego League: winning the Best TeamWork award. We are keen on improving and we intend on going further: participating in an International First Lego League Championship.


The centers were invited numerous times to visit our company HQ in Bucharest. We made their visits more than comfortable and they enjoyed our HQ and always return with joy.

In order to establish a greater bond between us and the children and in the same time give them the vision of what they can achieve, the children visit our company on a regular basis and are being involved in activities that can further open new doors in their development. Given the good progress and considering the needs of these children we expanded the project further, by starting similar Math and English teaching programs in these centers. The continuous progress and good results are just an incentive for further expansion both to new centers and new activities.


Usually around every visit, there would be a contest involving the children, testing their knowledge and abilities in various areas. As a result tbe children involved, that showed most progress, won various prizes ranging from pens and notebooks to tablets. The prizes were selected so that they would help the children learn even further. So far we held contests that tested the children abilities and skills in Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint,Lego Mindstorms, Adobe Photoshop and HTML/CSS languages among others.