Kids Area


Eduard is a 10 year old boy who is hungry for knowledge. He is a very quick learner, enjoys math and computer classes, he often searches for new approaches and is very enthusiastic by the new. He has great skills in everything we do : Microsoft Office, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop and Microsoft Office. He is also an out of the box thinker which is why he was a great adition to our First Lego League team.

Sara is a 10 year old girl who overflows with energy. If she sets her focus on something nothing can stand in her way. She has good skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop and Microsoft Office. She is also part of the First Lego League team, where her field team scored highest during the Robot Competition.

Elena is a shy 14 year old girl. She enjoys studying and learning. She likes Photoshop but is also proefficient in HTML and CSS. She can use Microsoft Office and does so often for various school projects. She is part of our First Lego League team as well.

Cristi is a 13 year old computer enthusiast. He’s good at HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Microsoft Office. Very keen on sharing his experiences on Facebook as well as live. Very good in “mechanical” learning.

Stefan is a very curious young boy. He is very good at Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint and shows a good interest in HTML and CSS. Enjoys Adobe Photoshop and is very detail oriented. Tip: don’t ask him about dinosaurs.