Catalin, Computer Literacy
I’ve been loving IT from an early age and I have started teaching IT and economics to teenagers and adults early in my college years. Working with children I thought to be a challenge, but it soon turned to be one of the best and most rewarding occupation. I’m in this project since the beginning of 2015, which was also the start of this project. I’m teaching the children of these centers what computers are, how they work, what can you do with them and most importantly how to use them. Starting from the basics to more advanced levels like HTML and CSS, I’m hoping to bring these children on the same level with children who have access to everything and why not go even further and make them competitive and ready to fight for a better place in society and to be an inspiration for others.
Sinziana, Math & English
I can certainly say about myself that I’ve worked in several positions so far, but, the most fulfilling was, and still is, working with children. They are like a sponge willing to learn and gather information easily. My goal is to build better persons for a brighter future, aiming for their hopes and dreams!

From time to time, we have as teachers various volunteers from Everymatrix: Samoil Dolejan (CFO), Teodora Cailean (Javascript Developer), Mihaela Dolejan (Designer), Viorel Mocanu (Site Builder Team Lead) and Evelina Vaduva (Javascript Developer).